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[D-05] AP-AR0234-Mini-MIPIYUV

  The AR0234 min cam is a global shutter 2.3MP camera. It supports trigger input capture and strobe output control which can be applied to fast snapshots. Different interface designs can be easily installed on different NVIDIA Jetson platforms. Flexible optical options and highperformance image quality can be widely used in many scenarios, such as smart cities, video surveillance, traffic monitoring and industrial automation.


M12 Lens/CS mount Option
MIPI output type Option
15, 22, or 36 pin adapter board options

US$ 249

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Order No.: D-05
Model Name: AP-AR0234-Mini-MIPIYUV
Title: AR0234(Global shutter) MIPI+ISP(YUV) 15PIN/22PIN/36PIN
Interface: MIPI (YUV)
Accessory: 15PIN or 22PIN or 36PIN FFC
Sensor: AR0234
Sensor Vendor: ONSEMI
Resolution max: 2.3M(1920x1200)
Lens Details: M12/F1.8/EFL 3.48mm/113.4°(D) x 95.8°(H) x 59.6°(V)
Frame rate max: 60fps(2lane/15pin)
Pixel Size: 3.0um x 3.0um
Shutter: Global
Camera QTY: 1
Lens Type: M12 or CS
ORIN NX/ORIN NANO(TBD): Support, (+)
AGX Orin/AGX Xavier develop kit: Support, (#)
NX develop kit: Support, (*)
TX2 NX/NANO develop kit: Support
TX2 develop kit: Support
Schedule: Available
Note : (*) Can be supported by 3rd party NX/TX2 NX/NANO dev-kits,
A. AVerMedia:EN715-BBC2 ,NX215B
(#) Can be supported by 3rd party AGX ORIN/XAVIER dev-kits,
A. AETINA:AIB-MX13/23 ,AX720-X32/X64
(+) Can be supported by 3rd party ORIN NX dev-kits,
A. AVerMedia:D131
B. AETINA:AIB-SN31/41 | AIB-SO21/31 (MIPI-22pin)
  (++)Need 36pin to 22pin adapter board
  (+++)Need 15pin to 22pin FFC cable

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