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[D-06] AP-AR0144-Mini-MIPIYUV

  The AR0144CS is a 1/4-inch 1.0 Mp CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1280 (H) × 800 (V). It incorporates a new innovative global shutter pixel design optimized for accurate and fast capture of moving scenes. The sensor produces clear, low noise images in both low-light and bright scenes. This camera supports trigger input capture which synchronized with strobe output signal. Flexible optical options and high-performance image quality can be widely used in many scenarios, such as smart cities, video surveillance, traffic monitoring and industrial automation.


M12 Lens/CS mount Option
MIPI output type Option
15, 22, or 36 pin adapter board options

US$ 199

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Order No.: D-06
Model Name: AP-AR0144-Mini-MIPIYUV
Title: AR0144(Global shutter) MIPI+ISP(YUV) 15PIN/22PIN/36PIN
Interface: MIPI (YUV)
Accessory: 15PIN or 22PIN or 36PIN FFC
Sensor: AR0144
Sensor Vendor: ONSEMI
Resolution max: 1.0M(1280x800)
Lens Details: M12/F2.2/EFL 2.4mm/110.8°(D)×93.4°(H)×57.8°(V)
Frame rate max: 60fps(2lane/15pin)
Pixel Size: 3.0um x 3.0um
Shutter: Global
Camera QTY: 1
Lens Type: M12 or CS
ORIN NX/ORIN NANO(TBD): Support, (+)
AGX Orin/AGX Xavier develop kit: Support, (#)
NX develop kit: Support, (*)
TX2 NX/NANO develop kit: Support
TX2 develop kit: Support
Schedule: Available
Note : (*) Can be supported by 3rd party NX/TX2 NX/NANO dev-kits,
A. AVerMedia:EN715-BBC2 ,NX215B
(#) Can be supported by 3rd party AGX ORIN/XAVIER dev-kits,
A. AETINA:AIB-MX13/23 ,AX720-X32/X64
(+) Can be supported by 3rd party ORIN NX dev-kits,
A. AVerMedia:D131
B. AETINA:AIB-SN31/41 | AIB-SO21/31 (MIPI-22pin)
  (++)Need 36pin to 22pin adapter board
  (+++)Need 15pin to 22pin FFC cable

Products Description

Global shutter(AR0234) v.s. Rolling shutter(IMX290)

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