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[Z-15] ZB-De-serializer-MAX9296-Fakra(x2)-To-MIPI-36pin

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Order No. : Z-15
Model Name : ZB-De-serializer-MAX9296-Fakra(x2)-To-MIPI-36pin
Title : De-serializer board MAX9296 Fakra(x2) to MIPI 36pin
Video performance: 4K30fps MIPI-RAW/YUV
or 1080p60fps MIPI RAW/YUV
or 720p60fps MIPI RAW/YUV
MIPI I/F: 4-lane 36pin 0.5pitch
External Power socket I/F: 12V
Or External Power Micro USB I/F: 5V
PCB L: 41.3mm
PCB W: 72.5mm
PCB thickness: 1.6mm
H(max): 15.1mm

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